For 天博app Furnishing

For 天博app Furnishing

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Product Name Description Ionic Nature 底物


Celcofin-SFC is a amphoteric hydrophilic softener for all dyed, white and printed fabrics. It is a non-yellowing amphoteric softening agent with antistatic properties for Cellulose and synthetic fibres. 两性 所有

Bio Acid Eco Ultra

Bio Acid-ECO Ultra is an eco friendly substitute of acetic Acid with economy and better performance. Salient Features of Bio Acid Eco Ultra are given 在这里. 阴离子 所有


Guard-CN is durable flame retardant to dry cleaning. 阴离子 所有


Nicoclean-DTC is a wetting agent and detergent for enzymatic desizing, 冲刷, boiling off and bleaching of all types of fabrics by continuous and discontinuous processes. Cryptionic 所有


Nicosist- M 8 L has an excellent soaping properties for fast dyeing and prints applied to natural or manmade fibres and their blends. It also improves fastness of reactive dyeing & 印刷. 非离子 所有


Celcofin-AMD/ABT is an Eco friendly durable Hygiene Fresh finish for textiles in contact with human skin has excellent wash fastness properties 非离子 所有


Collodust-F is a special product to prevent dust during wet processing of textiles. 非离子 所有


Nicogen- FBPL is a synthetic blend of organic stabilizing agents for the continuous bleaching of cotton and blends, silicate free or with low silicate content. 阴离子 棉花


Nicoxid-PK is a residual peroxide killer. 阴离子 棉花


NICOCLEAN-AF-65 is anti tinting and anti linting agent with soft feel. It is a most suitable detergent, wetting agent and 冲刷 agent for the fabric woven with dyed yarns. It prevents re-deposition of un-reacted dye hydrolysate on the un-dyed / light shaded surfaces of the fabric. Cryptionic 棉花


Nicogen-SD is demineralizing agent to improve whiteness index. It is specially formulated product for alkaline peroxide bleach to improve the degree of whiteness and absorbency of fabrics. 阴离子 棉花

Celcofin -ST

Celcofin-ST is a Hydrophilic, non-yellowing and sheer stable reactive silicone emulsion having added bounce. It imparts good greasy and soft handle with better bouncy effect and crease resistance to the fabric treated with it. Weakly Cationic 棉花, Polyester 棉花


Dropguard is specially developed water and oil repellent based, on alkyl fluoro polymer derivatives which gives perfect water and oil repellent with excellent stability in finishing processes. Weakly Cationic 棉花, Polyester/棉花


Scourol-FBOL is a wetting agent and detergent with an emulsifying action, for removing impurities like oil, 脂肪, 蜡等. Cryptionic 棉花, Wool